Paul Harvey

Paul has sold work all over the world including to the Royal family. His studio is set in the middle of the Hampshire countryside, on the edge of a half acre pond/lake, which over the past ten years he with his wife have turned into a small nature reserve, which in turn has encouraged many of the birds he sculpts to show themselves in their true and natural light.

Paul has been sculpting since the age of ten, having been introduced to woodcarving by a primary school teacher in Eastergate West Sussex in the early seventies, one of his earliest woodcarvings a pheasant, was carved out of a piece of Mahogany at the age of eleven, and demonstrates how his now contemporary take on birds started to develop.

Birds being an interest from an early age, having kept numerous species as pets in aviaries, he was keen to carve them in wood, birds however with their delicate features didn’t lend themselves to woodcarving, so the design had to be simplified, a style that combined with his other great interest Art Deco, forms his work today, even though now working in bronze gives an almost unlimited freedom in design.

This collection of bird sculpture is the first of what will be an ongoing collection of bird sculpture cast by the famous Pangolin foundry.

All sculptures are bronze.