Colin Carruthers was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland and studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art, gaining a BA Hons in Painting. His textural paintings depict landscapes and seascapes, often in the form of diptychs and triptychs, which are intended to convey the ever-changing aspects of nature.

Carruthers says, "For me, my relationship with the landscape is constantly changing. One of the most important features of my style lies in the fact that I try not to use any obvious references. Geographical landmarks, people and the signs of society are all stripped away from view in order to create a space which can be more enticing, raw, or subjective. I wanted to do this to release a new energy, and a new way of looking. Hopefully, it allows each viewer a chance to approach the piece of art in their own way. I don’t want to present the landscape as a finished product, or as a fait accompli. What adds to the experience of my painting is the sense of ongoing changes in perception. Land constantly changes, the coast keeps remaking itself. I want my canvases to reflect that possibility".

These striking new works are mainly the result of Colin's last stroll around southern France

Oil on canvas unless stated otherwise.