Joseph Paxton

Joseph Paxton was born in Monmouthshire in 1981 and grew up in Wales surrounded by farmland, where from an early age he developed a close interest in the natural world. After developing a love for the sculptural medium at school, he went on to study fine art at Newcastle University from 2001-2005.

Joseph Paxton’s sculptures explore the juxtapositions of simplicity, strength and vulnerability within the animal form. The specificity of the animal is less important, more so the emotion and physical dynamic that it portrays, evoking emotions and feelings with which we as human animals are compelled to relate.

Having graduated with a BA Hon's Fine Art in 2005, he currently lives in London where he works as a professional sculptor. He is also a violinist and musician, from which he takes much creative inspiration. He is interested in how various creative processes can intertwine to influence one another in ways that are sometimes very conscious and other times less so.

All sculptures are bronze.