Pierre Diamantopoulo

Pierre Diamontopoulo was born in Cairo in 1952 of a French mother and Greek father. He studied literature at the University of Essex (1970-73) and became an advertising copywriter, creating campaigns for British Airways, Cadbury’s, ICI Dulux, NatWest and London Transport and winning gold, silver and bronze cinema and television awards in New York, Cannes, Venice and London. As a sculptor he is self-taught.

In 1989 he set up a studio in Brighton to work exclusively as a sculptor. His first exhibition was at the Tryon Gallery, London, in 1990, with annual shows at the same venue until 1996. . His work has been included in a number of open exhibitions at the Royal West of England Academy and the Royal Society of British Sculptors, of which he is a member. Much of Diamantopoulo’s work is focused on movement in sculptures that apparently defy gravity. Figures appear to float freely in improbable spatial compositions created through geometry and optical illusion. His work also investigates how creatures move singularly and within a group. Both strands of his practice are, in the main, allegorical. Figures fly, dance, run, jump, walk or cavort with a great sense of fun in sculptures that formally oppose the earthbound nature of the materials from which they are made - mainly stoneware.

Pierre has exhibited with us for over 20 years and has had several successful solo shows. His very large bronze sculpture, "Flight of the Langoustines", will be erected on the Hove Plinth on Brighton seafront in September.  All sculptures stoneware and steel.